Saltwater Fishing Charters in Fort Myers, FL

Because of the different types of saltwater fish and number of saltwater fishing tips and techniques available, learning all the tricks when it comes to saltwater fishing can be a challenge for both seasoned anglers and beginner saltwater fishing students. This is why JD Malone will be with you on your saltwater fishing charter in Fort Myers, FL—to help guide you and make the most of your trip with us.

Here’s some tips and tricks that will help make your trip more fun and enjoyable: Make sure to have a valid saltwater fishing license. You can buy or renew your saltwater fishing license either online or by phone. Check a local tide chart when planning your inshore saltwater fishing trip. One of the most important inshore fishing tips is to plan your trips based on tidal movement. Choose the right spinning rod and reel combo. Start out with a 7-foot, medium-weight spinning rod and reel combo that’s rated for 10–20-pound test line. Use live or natural baits or your favorite fishing lures. Natural baits, such as shrimp or baitfish, offer you the best opportunity for consistent action. Make sure to keep your live bait in a covered bucket or in a livewell. Consider fishing from a public pier to start. Public piers are great places to gain experience with saltwater fishing gear, rigging baits, and landing fish. When practicing catch and release, keep your catch out of the water only as long as you can hold your own breath.

Whether you live along the 10,000 miles of US coastline or are visiting the ocean for the weekend, there are plenty of opportunities to wet a line with Coastal Predator’s saltwater fishing charters in Fort Myers, FL. And plenty of fish in the sea.

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