Kayak Fishing Charter in Marco Island, FL

Coastal Predator is your trusted guide for kayak fishing on Marco Island, FL. Our expert, JD Malone, will take you out to the best fishing spots in the shallow waters around Marco and the surrounding Ten Thousand Islands. You could spend a lifetime backwater fishing here and still find new places to explore. You can try your hand at catching a number of species, including: Redfish, Sea Trout, Sheepshead, Jack Crevalle, Flounder, Black Drum, an occasional Permit or Pompano, and a variety of Snapper. You may be able to find a shark or two that can be caught as well.

JD will help you with every step of the trip while you’re in the water, but it’s important to have an idea of what you’re walking into and what you should know before leaving the coast. Here are a few things to remember before you get in your kayak. Make sure you’ve got a valid fishing license—you won’t be allowed out if you don’t. Bring along polarized sunglasses; they’ll not only protect your eyes from the sun, but they’ll also help you spot fish beneath the surface. Try to schedule your trip earlier or later in the day, as this will help with mitigating the heat of the sun on your back. Keep your eyes on the water while you’re out there. You don’t want to miss anything. And, finally, when practicing catch and release, keep your catch out of the water only as long as you can hold your own breath.

Even if you’ve never been on a kayak fishing charter before, we’re sure that you may have an idea or two about what you want to try. This could be a fishing technique you want to learn, a fish species you want to catch, or even a specific fishing spot you want to visit. Make sure you bring it up to JD when you’re getting ready to go out and fish so that he can help prepare you for how to experience everything you want to while kayak fishing on Marco Island, FL.

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