Guided Charter Fishing in Boca Grande, FL

Coastal Predator is here to take you on guided charter fishing in Boca Grande, FL, to either start or expand your angling career. A kayak fishing charter is by far the best way to visit some of the most prolific spots around Boca Grande. Why? Well, with the flats that surround the mangrove islands, you’ll have no issue getting skinny and catching monsters. You’ll be paired with JD Malone, our expert here at Coastal Predator, to visit the best spots of Boca Grande and catch something good.

As the top tarpon fishery in the whole world, Boca Grande fishing is something you have to try out in your angling career. The average catch will run between 80 and 120 pounds, and many will be even larger—sometimes much larger! Anglers from every corner of the globe have been coming to Boca Grande since the 1800s seeking lifelong memories of the ultimate sport-fishing challenge that comes with hooking up to a monster “silver king.” However, with such a diverse set of opportunities all around it, this little island town can deliver on all of your fishing dreams. Florida fishing is as diverse as it comes, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just one species. With endless possibilities, this is a place that will surely leave you breathless with the abundance of fish you’ll be able to reel in.

Here at Coastal Predator, we want to make sure that whether this will be your first adventure out into the deep seas or if you’re experienced, you’ll have fun and reel in something exciting. JD has extensive local fishing experience and the skills and knowledge to make your tarpon or backcountry charter fishing trip one that can become the memory of a lifetime.

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